We wrote about them, but there might actually be some information we didn’t cover.

Tragically, our hero Alvin Greene lost. So there will be not be any of his action figures this Christmas. Why do Republicans hate Christmas so much?

Russ Feingold lost. Prop 19 failed. Allan Grayson lost.

But on the other hand, a lot of the worst candidates lost, too. The homeopath-endorser and anti-fluoride conspiracy theorist Sharron Angle lost. Homophobic bestiality enthusiast Carl Paladino lost. The anti-sex activist Christine O’Donnell lost. It looks like Joe Miller will lose to a write-in candidate. Art Robinson, who’s a denier of HIV and climate change, lost. The anti-abortion extremist Ken Buck lost. And Mark Reese or Racee or whatever his name is, he lost, too. His name’s too un-American, so I can’t pronounce it, let alone type it correctly.

So the Republicans have the House now, and the Democrats will keep the Senate. That’s what pretty much everybody predicted. It’s probably a mistake to think that this is a huge game-changer. The conservative / corporatist wing of the Democratic Party had, since 06, made what the actual numbers will be in the next Congress a reality in practice. So now the actual numbers will reflect the actual situation more accurately.

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