Monday Music Recommendation

Intro5pect – Record Profits (2009)

This band was originally described to me as oi punk meets Atari Teenage Riot, which isn’t too far off. They are definitely closer to the former than the latter. If I’m ever annoyed by them, it’s because they’re drifting off to far into 1980s synthpop rather than because they’re destroying the fabric of space-time with their Digital Hardcore noise machine a la ATR.

This EP just came out last week. It’s about 20 or so minutes long. It follows their 2007 EP Realpolitik! and is meant to precede an anticipated 2010 full length release, which would be their first since their 2003 self-titled release. I am not sure if the two EPs are going to be included in it along with another EP’s worth of new material, but that is what I am assuming so that I won’t be disappointed. And if it’s all new material, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can download it by clicking on the album artwork above. And here is a video of them covering Operation Ivy:

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One Response to “Monday Music Recommendation”

  1. knicvk Says:

    has SOME cool stuff i’ve never seen before. mostly shit bands, but there a lot of hard-to-find/live stuff from good bands too.

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