Ghost hunting woman becomes ghost

So there’s this man and this woman in Toronto, around the University area (College / Spadina) and they were looking for ghosts. For some reason, they found it necessary to jump from one building to another. Something went wrong (actually something probably went wrong initially in their heads when they decided there were ghosts), the woman falls three stories, and is pronounced dead at the hospital. Probably she was ‘slimed’ and she slipped in the ectoplasm.

Hey, I heard a rumor that this unnamed woman’s ghost is now haunting that very building. Ghost hunters should note that they will need to make the same jump she attempted in order to summon her from the realm of the dead. Story is here.


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2 Responses to “Ghost hunting woman becomes ghost”

  1. knicvk Says:

    lol death and more ghosts.

  2. CNN’s “expert” advice on ghost hunting « Atheist Hobos Says:

    […] a realistic perspective into the fun of being scared of things. And don’t be a jackass who does something stupid and hurts themselves, and don’t run to the media with every little anomaly that happens around […]

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