Drug War Mules

This is actually about donkeys, not mules. If only these Colombian rebels had any consideration, they’d have made the joke go a lot smoother by using mules instead of donkeys. Then again, if that were the case then they probably wouldn’t have done what they did in the first place.

So some Colombian peasants northeast of Bogota were just making their way the only way they knew how (growing coca), but that was just a little bit more than the local psychotic Marxists would allow. The article doesn’t say they were FARC, but that’s probably the group to which they were referring. Anyway, long story short: whoever it was, they strapped explosives to two donkeys and blew them up via remote control, killing two humans working in the coca fields, as well as the donkeys.

But they didn’t die in vain. This story reminds us that drug prohibition can always get crazier and crazier, and it probably will continue to do so for a while.


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