Police chief favors handicapped kid over drunk who poured beer on him

This story is pretty awesome on its own, but it has this great twist I’ll explain later.

Picture this: You’re 22. You’re at a concert. You’re drunk. The band is handing out T-shirts. You want one of those T-shirts. Some loser is keeping you from the front row. He says something about holding the spot for a kid in a wheelchair.

Of course you’d be outraged. So would I. A kid in a wheelchair can’t even reach up to get the shirt. And he’s not even there. This is America – first come, first served. You might even think you would be justified in spilling your beer on the ignorant jerk getting between you and your free shirt. You might think that, but you’d be wrong.

The problem is that the jerk holding the spot for the gimp is the Kansas City Police Chief. So he and his sense of entitlement escorted the kid to the police. He had to post $100 bond. That’s how much it apparently costs to violates the apparently God-given right to not have beer spilled on you at a concert.

Now here’s the twist. I’m categorizing this under journalism because the best part is that this kid is the son of a reporter at the newspaper which reported on the story. So here I’m really more curious about the story behind the story. It’s not written by the kid’s father, which would have made it hilarious – and probably a dick move on the part of the managing editor. So I’m wondering who this Christine Vendel is, how she got the story, if it was just part of her beat, or if it was part of some intra-office political war, or what. It’s hard to tell since that last piece of information is just dangling at the end of the story, and the rest of it doens’t have any obvious bias one way or another.



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