Monday Music Recommendation

Angelspit – Hideous and Perfect (2009)

You can download the album by clicking on the album artwork above. It is not very different from their previous albums, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As they described in an interview, they did something evil to their guitarist’s tracks in some of the songs, and you can definitely pick out what they are talking about. Here is an ad for the new album. Really. They made a commercial for it.

Also, They Might Be Giants released an album meant to brainwash kids with pro-science propaganda. It’s called Here Comes Science, and there doesn’t seem to be any free online downloads available. But here’s the artwork and a video anyway:

And MC Frontalot has had new stuff out for a couple years that I’ve somehow missed. One is called Secrets From the Future and the newer one is Final Boss. Here’s a track off the former:

And this one has an actual video:



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