My plan for Irish independence

So there’s the Irish Republican Army, and in the past few years they’ve basically disarmed themselves. And of course there were some people who didn’t want to give up their old ways, as there tends to be when things like that happen. So those people started the “Real IRA.” That’s what they call themselves.

It seems like they’re trying to de-legitimatize the “old” or “fake” IRA on two fronts. One is to actually be an army with weapons and stuff. But the other would be just in what they call themselves. It’s like they’re not sure about the whole Pen vs. Sword debate, so they’re going with both.

I think it would be pretty fun to start a Really Real IRA, and then have a splinter group from the RRIRA called the Really Seriously Real IRA (RSRIRA), and then just keep splintering off into more “real” and “realer” IRAs until you get to the “Fuck The Authentic Bona Fide IRA, We’re The Intrinsically Substantial IRA For Realz Yo IRA” (FTABFIRAWTISIRAFRYIRA).

There will be so much confusion over who’s who that the British will just get fed up with it and “piss off,” as I guess they say over there. Problem solved.



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