No US distributor for Darwin film

UPDATE: There is now a bidding war for the US distribution rights to this film, and for some weird reason it turns out that Mel Gibson had some money behind this movie. Maybe he’s just too drunk and rich to know all the projects in which is money is invested?

A film about the life of Charles Darwin and his failed attempt to reconcile his religious faith with his scientific findings is being distributed all over the world – except for the US. Distributors here are saying a film about evolution is “too controversial” for a theatrical release.

For one thing, this isn’t some tiny indie flick. The director is Jon Amiel, who has made quite a few movies before. Paul Bettany plays Darwin and Jennifer Connelly plays his wife Emma. Jennifer Connelly also was in Requiem For A Dream, which apparently was not too controversial for theaters. I remember seeing it at the Market Arcarde Theater downtown when it came out. And I remember seeing things that, unlike evolutionary theory, definitely would not be appropriate for public high school classes.

Another problem is that a film about evolution just came out a little over a year ago. Apparently it’s only OK to release films about evolution when they incorporate pseudoscience and Halocaust denialism. And what’s more is that that one really was a tiny indie flick.

And lastly, even putting aside the supposed fear of alleged “controversy,” a Gallup poll earlier this year taken for the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth showed that 39% of Americans have no problem accepting evolution. That’s pretty appalling from a general perspective, since it shows that most people in this country can not accept the reality of their own origins. But from a marketing perspective, that’s a great sign. What if you were asked to distribute a film based on a TV show which 39% of the population watched? Sure, the movie would probably suck, but that would be great for business.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for this “controversial” movie:


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