Bananas For Sex

A cult leader in Papua New Guinea allegedly offered a high yield on an area’s banana crop in exchange for sex. In public.

Usually, when a cult leader offers some kind of sex-based barter, it’s some kind of amazing supernatural reward, like a privileged spot in some kind of afterlife hierarchy. At least, that’s what I usually do when I’m a cult leader in a food for sex exchange. It’s pretty much the SOP. I guess they just go with the low-hanging fruit in Papua New Guinea.

I misread this article the first time I skimmed it. Apparently it’s not just sex with the cult leader which would allegedly increase the banana crop. He just wanted everyone to fuck in public. First he threatened violence, but then he decided it would be more effective to bribe them.

Best line from this short article:

Three police officers trekked into the village over the weekend but the leader, identified as Thomas Peli, was able to escape into the bush.

The Australian ABC News which reported on has not yet followed up on whether or not public sex increased the banana crop yield. This warrants serious attention and I would hope that such a follow-up is forthcoming, as should be expected from serious journalists.


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