This one is a concave/convex kind of shift. The way to switch your perspective from one to the other is to concentrate on her spinning foot and its shadow just below.

Do these circles of squares intersect? Where?

This one just seems obvious after the first time. Try staring at the left side and pay attention to the shading.

This one is crazy. The “green” and the “blue” are the same color. You can kind of see it on the edges of the outer spirals, or by zooming into to the individual pixels.



2 Responses to “Illusions”

  1. knicvk Says:

    1. crazy. flick your head to one side or the other when headbanging to it, and it fucking reverses, all crazy-like!

    2. 4 looks like a concentric spiral? i see what they did there. neat.

    3. i am too drunk to convert squares into circles, althogh i guess it is the same. MY EYES WTF

    4. word i heard you tell me about my vision not being trustworthy. i no longer trust what my eyes ‘tell’ me. all lies. i do not trust them anymore.

  2. Changing memory via digitally altered video « Atheist Hobos Says:

    […] kind of connects two things I’ve posted about here recently: digitally altered media and optical illusions. Here is a quick summary from Scientific American‘s 60 Second Psych site and here is a […]

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