Florida school officials face jail time for endorsing religion in a public school

The principal and athletic director of a Florida high school are facing contempt of court charges which could land them in prison for having led a prayer at a school event (CNN). Kanye West was not there to interrupt the prayer.

The lawsuit was filed by the ACLU, which is just fucking great because now conservative douchebags are going to try to make it look like the ACLU is throwing Christians into prison for praying when the truth is that they have nothing to do with the sentencing and are responding to school officials using state power to endorse religion, not a “simple prayer.” But that nuance will be missed by the jackoffs who take every opportunity to pounce on the ACLU for everything they do, even when it’s defending those very same jackoffs.

Anyway, there’s something called the Congressional Prayer Caucus. They wrote a letter in support of the defendants, which in part read:

“many of America’s Founding Fathers were resolute in their faiths, and the impact of such is evident in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and many of their writings.”

I’m not sure exactly what they mean by this being evident in the Constitution. The only possibility would be that they are referring to the dating method, where it said “In the Year of Our Lord.” But that’s kind of like saying that my calling  tomorrow Saturday is evident of my resolute faith in the Roman god of agriculture.

The DoI is a funny thing to pick out, since it’s clearly referring to a sort of deistic or pantheistic god, which is not something to which one would actually pray. And as far as “many of their writings,” so what? The country isn’t founded on letters and diary entries.If these guys meant for their private thoughts about religion to become national policy, I think they were smart enough to maybe mention that in one of the actual national policy documents.


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