Real life ‘Deliverance’

Some retarded, shit-kicking, inbred hillbilly killed a Census worker in Kentucky. The word “Fed” was scrawled across the man’s chest. It’s not clear from reports whether it was actually carved into his chest or just written [UPDATE: It was written in felt tip marker]. His body was found hung from a tree near a cemetery.

So you might expect that there would be political consequences for those pushing the kind of anti-government hysteria which led to this senseless murder. But chances are you’d be wrong, because the extreme right wing can always have a place at the table. It doesn’t matter what their ideology actually causes people to do because there is never any danger in going further to the right in America. Single payer health care is crazy and off the table and wrong, but the kind of political ideology which leads to this kind of thing is somehow respectable and deserves a place at the table.


2 Responses to “Real life ‘Deliverance’”

  1. knicvk Says:

    a taxman, maybe. but a census taker? what in GOD’S NAME?

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