Obama hates something I’m afraid to talk about

Katie Couric: Gots purdy teeth. Purdy mouth, too.

Katie Couric: Gots purdy teeth. Purdy mouth, too.

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when Katie Couric took a top spot at CBS. She was taking the position once held by Walter Cronkite, and she had never even been in a war zone before. It looked exactly like CBS was just putting a purdy face on the evening news in order to get young’uns watching that there teevee again.

But she’s been pretty steadily proving my instincts wrong. Here is a great example:

The only way that would’ve been better would be if she had just pulled out a gun, asked him what country he was from, that What wasn’t no country she ever heard of, etc…

As someone who is supposed to know something about journalism, Beck should really know better than to pretend this was an unfair question. He wasn’t asking a question, as he tried to defend himself as doing. He said that he thought Obama hated “white culture.” So it’s fair to ask what exactly he meant by “white culture.” He could’ve said that he misspoke, or that he could’ve chosen better words, and then clarified, but he didn’t want to do that. When he says something like that, it’s in his interest to keep his meaning unclear so that his audience can fill in the blanks for him.

I also love how at the end he’s pretending to think that asking “tough questions” is so important for Americans. Yes, we should ask tough questions; just don’t ask Glenn Beck any tough questions. It might hurt his feelings.


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One Response to “Obama hates something I’m afraid to talk about”

  1. knicvk Says:

    yeah i kind of like Couric too.

    what in the fuck was that 3 minutes of absolute anti-information? fascinating.

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