I get search engine terms.

  • Nanobots will destroy us all
  • Is Ray Comfort retarded?
  • I detest Glenn Beck
  • The holy nanobots
  • Are nanobots in vaccine?
  • Nanobots enemy of man kind
  • Nanobots in seasonal flu shot
  • Radiohead not enslave us
  • Sad monkey

There were actually several dealing with the idea that the government would actually be injecting nanobots into the H1N1 vaccine in order to (why else?) enslave us all.

So I kind of had to do the search myself to see where this idea was coming from. Here’s a comment from a freeper thread:

“I heard that the whole swine flu thing was man-made in order to get people to take the vaccine, which is really made up from nanobots that will be used for universal mind-control, and Obama is behind it.”

To be fair, the other freepers mocked him, although pretty gently. One even said that he was wrong because it was “childish” to think that the nanobots in the H1N1 thing was in order to induce mind control. A much more adult approach, according to him or her, was that it’s all about population control. One thing I don’t get about people espousing this population control conspiracy idea is that since the population is steadily increasing, whoever is running this alleged conspiracy must be comically incompetent.

There were also returns from things called Godlike Productions and Survivalist Boards. Completely rational and upstanding ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure.


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2 Responses to “I get search engine terms.”

  1. Thomas Gambill Says:

    There are specific reasons for the nanobots and the test of giving out flu shots with the rumor also being spread that the shots are damaging (Which they are) and who would take the shots. A test to see what kind of resistence they will get when the verichip will be implanted per the requirements in the New Health care bill, FDA section, Covered Medical device they call it.

    People you better wake up.

    This has been planned to be implemented since 1971. Age old technology and will be used when the invading forces hit the USA, and our troops attempt to defend our country on its own shores. Our own government is behind this in order to establish the North American Union. IT WILL BE THE SIXTH planned civil war and dictatorship as history has confirmed. Their biggest fear is the US Military.





    • nanobotswillenslaveusall Says:

      Cool story, bro.
      But why is it that all of this kind of “new world order” microchip business is always something that’s about to happen – but it never actually does happen? You say it’s a plan that’s been in place since 1971. So it hasn’t really moved forward at all in 40 years? That tells me that either there is a conspiracy and the conspirators are totally incompetent, or that you’re just mistaken about the mind-controlling nanobot vaccine.

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