Health care reform

There are a couple of aspects of health care reform I don’t think I’ve heard much about in the ongoing debate. Actually there are probably a lot more than just a couple, but two in particular I just wanted to briefly mention.

One would be the words “signing statement.” Remember those laws passed by Congress during the Bush administration which did things like restrict things like warantless wiretapping and extraordinary rendition, and then Bush would sign it attached to a statement which clarified the legislation as being interpreted to mean the exact opposite of what it actually said? Bush set a record with the sheer number of those signing statements. It was big news for a while back then.

So I’m not saying that Obama should do that as a way to force in a viable public option. But has anyone even mentioned it? All I’m finding is that he claimed to want to weaken the executive power involved in signing statements, but then used exactly that power to weaken whistle-blower protection, among a few others. But nothing about health care reform in regards to signing statements.

The other issue is that if we actually do get a public option, viable or not, there is a danger that the “alternative medicine” industry will try to capitalize on that and get even more subsidies for their quackery than they already have. The Center for Inquiry has released a report (PDF) warning of the dangers of funding “alternative medicine” alternatives to medicine garbage.

On the one hand, lots of other government-funded scientific organizations successfully avoid woo in their studies. NASA doesn’t have to study astrology. The US Geological Survey doesn’t have to entertain flat Earth or expanding Earth “theories.” The American Institute of Physics doesn’t have to invest in alleged perpetual motion machines.

But on the other hand, the “alternative medicine” industry has something that flat Earthers and perpetual motion machine scammers and astrologers don’t – lots and lots of money and political influence. So there really needs to be some stipulation in whatever health care reform gets passed – if it even does – where methods of treatment will need to be tested and will need to pass those tests. And they’ll need to be double-blinded with proper controls. Anecdotes and testimonials can not be good enough.

Sure, people like Bill Maher and Jenny McCarthy and Kevin Trudeau will claim this is all part of a conspiracy to outlaw their useless “medicine,” but so what? Fuck them. There is real danger in allowing that into a government supported health care system. One is that obviously we’re going to be forced to pay for treatments that don’t work, and the other is that it will make true all the conservatives’ claims that government can’t run health care. Because in that case, they’ll be right.


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3 Responses to “Health care reform”

  1. knicvk Says:

    how much of the alt.medicine money is for herbs and shit thrown into gelcaps for purchase at your local vitamin store?
    i mean, some of those are marginally effective.
    but handing out tax dollars for crystal healing and shit is just….
    …well….awesome? (for the crystal healers i mean.)

    • nanobotswillenslaveusall Says:

      The part of the bill I was worried about was for funding “Christian Science” which rejects the germ theory of disease altogether – they’re the people who reject all medicine, even the herbal stuff, and rely solely on prayer. They were basically going to pay for people to sit around and mumble to themselves.

      The herbal stuff can help, but the problem is that you can’t control dosages of the active ingredients. So if you buy two bottles of something like St John’s Wort, one bottle could be twice as potent as the other. What they should be doing is isolating the active ingredient, testing it for efficacy, and synthesizing it into a safe and effective dose. Labeling as a natural herb (as opposed to medicine) is pretty much just a way around drug regulations.

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