Brainwashing hair-braiders with voodoo

So there’s this woman named Akouavi Kpade Afolabi. She smuggled girls from West African to New Jersey.

Wait, it gets worse than just forcing people to live in New Jersey.

Before they made it here, Afolabi allegedly had her son, Dereck Hounakey (USDOJ PDF), perform a voodoo ritual which involved feeding them kola nuts and taking a vow of loyalty to her. This was so they would not try to escape once they got to America and were subject to forced servitude.

“If we didn’t stay with her … they said we would go crazy,” [one of the victims] said.

So it’s not enough that these women were forcibly transported across the ocean to New Jersey and brainwashed into having “loyalty” to their captors. Once they arrived, they were forced to work at a hair-braiding salon. The defense attorney, Olubukola O. “Bukie” Adetula, claimed that the prosecution “misinterpreted multiple aspects of West African culture, including the tradition of sending children abroad to learn a trade.”

Hair braiding isn’t really a trade which requires anyone to be sent around the planet and brainwashed to learn. Or maybe it is. I’ve never done it.

That’s it – I’m never braiding my hair again, just in case hair braiding is really part of some multilevel voodoo marketing pyramid scheme.


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