Outlaw the Medical Profession

The medical profession is a huge socialist conspiracy. Being a doctor should be outlawed.

When someone does what some call “practicing medicine” or “being a medical doctor,” what they are doing for a living is a means of redistribution of wealth. A health care professional must redistribute wealth away from those who are sick or injured and to people who can treat the sick and injured people.


Those Ivory Tower types might tell you that this is crazy, and that all exchanges actually redistribute wealth and that there really is no way around that.

Those people are all COMMUNISTS.

If we didn’t have so many of these damn doctors and nurses running around treating people and providing them with health care, we wouldn’t have such a health care crisis on our hands – because there would be no actual health care at all for anyone to worry about! Check and mate!

Did you know that the Russian anarcho-feminist Emma Goldman trained to be a midwife while in prison? That’s a FOREIGNER and a JEW and a RADICAL and a WOMAN who wanted to “spread the weatlh around” by trying to force other people to pay them just for the privilege of having their children kept alive.

Do you really want to let these smarmy know-it-alls forcibly redistribute our wealth just because they might’ve read a few anatomy textbooks? No thanks, comrade! I’ll keep my money!


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