What do you see?


And here:

Do you still not see it? Really? It’s right there, plain as day! Maybe if it’s outlined, that will help:

You still don’t see it?

Yeah, me neither.

This is supposed to be another one of Jesus’ wacky tricks. First he was carving himself onto the Martian surface, and now he’s appearing in a Bishopville, SC preacher’s curtains. That Jesus, always messing with us in ways that just happen to look exactly like crazy people acting crazily.

“Something told me to look in the kitchen and I sat and I looked in the kitchen. I looked at the window, and that’s when I see this image focused on my curtain.”

-Barbara Brame, deranged minister

“Something” told her to look into the kitchen? Maybe it was… SATAN! Well, why not?

See, usually when people say that they hear voices telling them to do something and they see patterns where none exist, we call that schizophrenia. But all you have to do is throw Jesus or Mohammed in there somewhere, and suddenly you go from being a mental institution’s newest inpatient to being soft “news.” Brame will continue to be a pillar of the community there in Bishopville.


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5 Responses to “What do you see?”

  1. knicvk Says:

    took me a bit, but i ‘see’ the ‘face’ in the last flick.

  2. knicvk Says:


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