UPDATE: After almost a full day of mockery, the GOP has decided to change the name of Michael Steele’s blog. That is “wack!”

So I started my day today like most – by going to the official Republican Party website to see who I was supposed to shake my fist at today. Instead I learned that I now have competition for the most amazing name for a blog ever:

What up? By Michael Steele is where you can find out what the Chairman thinks”

What up, yo?

Oh shit, yo! Michael Steele is Keeping It Real by asking us, "What up?"

I was under the impression that Republicans wanted to keep what their Chairman was thinking as private as possible. He’s like that guy at a party who’s trying way too hard to really fit in; which is incredibly uncomfortable if you’re the one he’s leaning on, but is hilarious to everyone else.

His first and only post so far is called “Let me ask you,” which concludes with this:

“Now that you will have much better access to them, what can each of our Division Leaders do in that network to help you?”

So the Chairman is asking how the Leaders can help you. I am sure there are many creative answers to this question.


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