Criminals of the Week

  1. Inmates’ request to wait out tough economy in Rockingham County jail is denied
  2. In a more sane and just world, we’d all be able to call the police after someone steals our weed. But until then…
  3. Wendy’s Employee Says She Was Reprimanded for Calling 911 After Drinking Oven Cleaner
  4. A Russian court ruled against Josef Stalin’s grandson Tuesday in a libel suit over a newspaper article that said the Soviet dictator sent thousands of people to their deaths.
  5. Nothing lands a plane faster than a Bible-quoting freak who won’t let other passengers use the bathroom. “The suspect kept telling her that his blood would be on her.”

2 Responses to “Criminals of the Week”

  1. knicvk Says:

  2. knicvk Says:

    also weed:
    gotta love how they back it up with ‘science’ oh wait, oh SHI-

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