CIA gets into horror movie-style torture

The hilariously misnamed Department of Justice last Friday released some spooooooky documents to celebrate Halloween. From the NY Times:

F.B.I. agents who arrived at a secret C.I.A. jail overseas in September 2002 found prisoners “manacled to the ceiling and subjected to blaring music around the clock,” and a C.I.A. official wrote a list of questions for interrogators including “How close is each technique to the ‘rack and screw,’ ” according to hundreds of pages of partly declassified documents released Friday by the Justice Department.

A CIA agent and his interrogation tools.

The documents apparently ponder whether or not to prosecute CIA employees, including one interrogator who threatened a suspect with a gun and a power drill. The FBI of all organizations, seems to be on the side of sanity, questining the CIA’s overseas interrogation program “on grounds of both legality and effectiveness.”


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