Real education for today’s youth

As this esteemed panel of experts points out, kids these days are not learning some of the most crucial skills needed for a sustainable future society.

But worrying about the younger generation is not a new phenomenon. As Plato wrote in Laws:

Who is unable to count one, two, three, or to distinguish odd from even numbers, or is unable to count at all, or reckon night and day, and who is totally unacquainted with the revolution of the Sun and Moon, and the other stars… All freemen, I conceive, should learn as much of these branches of knowledge as every child in Egypt is taught when he learns the alphabet. In that country arithmetical games have been invented for the use of mere children, which they learn as pleasure and amusement… I… have late in life heard with amazement of our ignorance in these matters; to me we appear to be more like pigs than men, and I am quite ashamed, not only of myself, but of all Greeks.

And yet, today we face a possible calamity Plato never dreamed of. I speak of course of the imminent zombie apocalypse.

Thankfully, a choose your own adventure style book has been published in order to correct this troubling trend of zombie non-awareness in our youth.



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