Blasphemy Day Follow-up

On Blasphemy Day I mentioned that the Center For Inquiry had a few blasphemy contests. The verbal one, which is apparently being put on a shirt, was just announced.

The winner is Ken Peters of California who won for his entry, “Faith is no reason.” Here’s the new CFI President Ron Lindsey on the decision:

“This entry, using only four words, summarizes nicely one of the key principles of post-Enlightenment thought. Beliefs should be based on evidence and reason. Faith is not a basis for logically sound belief.”

Considering some of the infighting (and possibly worse) within the CFI involving claims of “atheist fundamentalists,” you would think the winning entry would be something like “Mohammed Sucked 39 Dicks” or something like that. But this one is nice – something even those who might lean more towards accommodationism would appreciate.


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One Response to “Blasphemy Day Follow-up”

  1. knicvk Says:

    that is elegant as fuck.

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