There’s this Canadian rapper from Chicago called Rap Master Maurice. His style of rapping is about as corny/awesome  as his name implies. He’s from 1981 or so, and he’s proud of it.

What makes him unique is that he offers this service where for only $7 he’ll call up someone deserving of scorn and rap about their shortcomings as a person. Sometimes he offers advice on how the target of the “revenge rap” could improve him or herself. Then he’ll end it by saying “PEEAACE!” and it’s like, yo, you have been put in your place, fool.

He’ll also compromise what seems to be his artistic mission of creating justice via awesome vintage rhyming to do a friendly rap for someone’s birthday or something. But that will cost you $14. Either way, you get an mp3 of the call made e-mailed to you.

And no, I didn’t discover this by being the target of a vengeance rap. I heard it on WireTap.



2 Responses to “RAP MASTER MAURICE”

  1. Derek Erdman Says:

    Rap Master Maurice is NOT CANADIAN.

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