Criminals of the Week

  • Joshua Basso of Florida was out of cell phone minutes, so he did the logical thing and called 911 for phone sex.
  • The city of Salinas, CA is trying counter-insurgency tactics against street gangs.
  • Point: “I’m Jesus.” Counter-point: “OK, but you still need a license to drive a car.”
  • Two Indianapolis robbers heat up a bottle of milk for a crying baby.
  • Lester Henry of Burlington, KY, was arrested for masturbating at a public library’s computer. He was watching a wrestling video.
  • Some crazy old lady (unnamed, unfortunately) in Port Huron, MI, threatened to shoot the staff of the local newspaper for criticizing a protest against health care reform. What, you can’t even compare health care to Nazism without being called names in the paper anymore?

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