War on Christmas IV, Santa vs. US Postal Service

Last Thursday, NPR reported that the USPS would be limiting a program where children’s letters to Santa Claus were delivered to residents of North Pole, AK; whom would reply. Apparently they get up to 150,000 letters per year, and according to the US Census, the population of North Pole is 2,183. So if every single resident participates in this program, which is doubtful, they would end up writing up to around 68 letters per resident. I guess they don’t have very much else to do up there.

From the NPR report:

People in North Pole are incensed by the change, likening the Postal Service to the Grinch trying to steal Christmas.

Yeah, it’s just like that time the Grinch tried to steal Christmas! Which really happened… Right?

But that was not the end of it. The postal workers made their voices heard and the very next day the USPS reversed the decision. So apparently the cornerstone of the economy of North Pole, AK, has been maintained.



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