War on Christmas V, Best Buy

As you can see from this SHOCKING image, Best Buy has wished the Muslins happy Eid al-adha and DID NOT MENTION JESUS AT ALL:

So obviously this is basically like Best Buy saying that 9/11 was a righteous act by freedom fighters and therefore we must all BOYCOTT.

What the people who apparently believe that kind of stuff don’t seem to notice is that Eid al-Adha comes this year only two days from now (maybe four or five from the time of the above advertisement) whereas Jesusday is a month from now. And since it’s a Thanksgiving (also mentioned) holiday weekend ad, it’s a little more timely to mention the one holiday and not the other. But then again, that conclusion might involve stepping outside of some weird ideological bubble, which is apparently to much to ask for in certain circles.

If you want a good reason to not shop at Best Buy, polka dots referring to religion is not one of them. A good reason would be because their staff sucks. I worked for a contracting network for two years, one of the main clients of which being Best Buy; and their level of incompetence and record of just lying to customers is staggering.

UPDATE: Here is Snopes on this jihadic newspaper ad.


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One Response to “War on Christmas V, Best Buy”

  1. kittycats Says:

    bestbuy has amazon.com prices. not too good (considering how big they are), not too bad.

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