Criminals of the week

  • Florida man breaks into house, takes shower, is interrupted by children returning home, tells them “Obama let me in.” (link)
  • Everyone’s favorite WARRIORS WARRIORS fan is sober for 8 weeks and finally realizes people were making fun of him since 2005. He is trying to sue four companies for profitting off of his image, even though said mug shot is public property. (link) (pic of lawyer representing him)
  • A woman in Harris, NY was driven to the ER via ambulance, got tired of waiting for treatment, and allegedly stole the same ambulance to get back home. (link)
  • A 73 year old man from Cathlamet, WA was evangelizing Christianity outside of a bar at 2 AM with pamphlets. One woman refused, the evangelist became angry, a man stood up for her and was shot by the Christian for his troubles. (link)
  • Texas inmate in a wheelchair escapes with a prison van after handcuffing guards. Also, he has guns. (link)
  • A Connecticut man was busted for writing a bad check. His son goes to pick him up from jail. The bad check was for court fines for his son, who had a suspended license. He was also arrested upon arrival for driving while having a suspended license. (link)
  • It looks like the current president of Romania hit a 10 year old child in the face, but allegations have been made that the video is fake. (link)
  • Jesus Christ, a woman from Birmingham, AL, was dismissed from jury duty for being disruptive. (link)

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