War on Christmas XIII, ‘Elf’ vs. Mall

OK, so this guy:

He had a plan.

  1. Dress up like an elf.
  2. Go to a mall.
  3. Get in line to see Santa.
  4. Tell Santa that you are strapped with dynamite.
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT!

Amazingly, the authorities were not alerted until step #4, not 2.

And I know you’re probably thinking that this can’t possibly be true because he looks like such a responsible and reasonable member of society based on his mug shot. But if you were to ask that, then you’d be doubting the journalistic abilities of WKOWTV in Madison, WI. Oh yeah, NPR also had the story.

So this William C Caldwell III guy is now facing charges of making terroristic threats, among others. Finally we have an overlap in the War On Terror and the War On Christmas. Here is a Venn diagram to help you understand the implications of this story:


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One Response to “War on Christmas XIII, ‘Elf’ vs. Mall”

  1. homebrew Says:

    two words: ELF COSTUMES.

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