Criminals of the week (quotes-from-the-article version)

  • “A Virginia man is going on trial for allegedly threatening to decapitate a U.S. consular official.” (link)
  • “Philippa Evans was breathalysed after arriving ‘dishevelled’ and telling a colleague ‘I’m still p****d’, the hearing was told.” (link)
  • “DOPEY prison guards unwittingly allowed a convicted drug dealer to grow cannabis in his cell – and even decorate one 4ft plant as a CHRISTMAS TREE.” (link)
  • “Officers said the woman appeared intoxicated and told them only that she had taken the meat was that [sic] she wanted to visit her boyfriend, who was an inmate at the Knock County Jail.” (link)
  • “A small package containing the reptiles was found in his underwear, prosecutor Mike Bodie told the Christchurch District Court on Monday.” (link)

2 Responses to “Criminals of the week (quotes-from-the-article version)”

  1. pipes Says:

    speaking of criminals, have you seen this yet?

  2. nanobotswillenslaveusall Says:

    No, I hadn’t seen that, but it seems like a stretch to compare it to Kurtz’s bacteria case.

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