War on Christmas XV, Focus on the Family vs. Everyone

Oh, James Dobson. Will you ever stop being hilarious?

Dobson’s Focus on the Family started a new website for extremists to praise retailers who love Jesus and to heap scorn on those that do not. They’ve even set up a scoring system, assigning a percentage to selected retailers to be graded on their friendliness, negligence, or offensiveness. Stores called Dillard’s, Kabela’s, and Land’s End are doing pretty well by the standards of Focus on the Family, while the Gap, Best Buy, and American Eagle are scoring pretty high in the “offensive” category. The sins of the Gap have been documented here earlier. Also, Best Buy.

What I don’t understand is how these people differentiate between what is “negligent” and what is “offensive.” Because neglecting to mention Christmas is actually offensive to them. Then again, pretty much everything is offensive to them. But there are some interesting differences in the percentage scores between those two amongst the more egregious offenders. Then again, these appear to be assigned scores based on random internet reviews by customers and then simply tallied by FotF.

Wait a minute, what am I even saying? I’m acting like these are serious statistics or in any way meaningful. This shouldn’t be taken seriously, the only proper way to respond is to point and laugh. So ha ha.



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