Richard Carrier at Skepticon 2

The St. Louis, MO skeptical community has started putting on an annual convention. This is pretty cool since now there seem to be developing regional meetings like this so that people who aren’t lazy like me can get to one within a reasonable driving distance. The last one was a few weeks ago, and someone who took video has started posting the talks on YouTube.

Richard Carrier was one of the more interesting speakers and I’ll post his talk here (although something went wrong in part 3 on my end here). He’s a PhD in ancient history and his talk is on the question of Jesus’ historicity. Carrier’s got this knack for not just the scholarship of history – and I’d have to leave that question to people who actually know something about it – but also for communicating the facts and his views on the facts of his subject in a way that’s very accessible to laypersons, without dumbing down the material.

And before you dismiss this as some kind of Zeitgeist-ish “OMG JESUS NEVER EXISTED” kind of stuff, it should be said that Carrier’s on the more rational end of the Jesus mythicists and is very critical in his other writings of some of the more outlandish claims of people like Acharya S, John Dominic Crossan, Timothy Freke, and Peter Gandy.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


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One Response to “Richard Carrier at Skepticon 2”

  1. edinblack Says:

    His explicit rejection of the Zeitgeist film can be heard beginning 57 seconds into Part 5 (including the question itself).

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