War on Christmas XVI, Satanic arsonists vs. Glory of Christ church

There has been a weird mixture in this series of impotent fist-shaking on the internet to actions that more closely resemble an actual war. This one is closer to the latter:

So it’s another case of one group of superstitious morons attacking another. To be fair though, it’s been a long time since this kind of thing has been routine when perpetuated by Christians.

I think the Satan character gets a really bad rap, from both Christians and the ones who supposedly support him. In the Old Testament, he’s basically an intellectual contrarian and not some foaming-at-the-mouth, illiterate and violent personification of evil and destruction. Satanists should start embracing that kind of Satan instead of the ones some Christians like to prop up as part of their persecution fantasies. Maybe that way they wouldn’t be such douchenozzles.


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2 Responses to “War on Christmas XVI, Satanic arsonists vs. Glory of Christ church”

  1. catsdrool Says:

    i prefer gentleman-satan. let’s call him stanley, stan for short. we’ll throw in the obligatory forked-tongue reference and we’ll call it a day.
    have you seen Neil Gaiman’s graphic depiction of ‘Lucifer’. He’s bad fuckin’ ass.


    just get lucifer (complete, i think).

    read the files with:

  2. catsdrool Says:

    call me on sunday. me and joe created something for you.

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