War on Christmas XVIII, Loch Ness Monster vs. Three Wise Men

In Howard County, IN, the Board of Commissioners received requests from concerned citizens to put up a Nativity scene on the courthouse lawn in downtown Kokomo. This was very important to some constituents because of how is mentioned in the Bible that Christmas is on December 25 and that it must be celebrated by putting religious symbols on public property. I can’t cite the chapter & verse or anything, but it’s in there. Trust me.

Anyway, as a response to these requests, the county decided to go another route. Instead of the same old boring, church/state separation-violating Nativity scene, they displayed a dinosaur. And the Loch Ness Monster!

Howard County, IN Courthouse Holiday Display (visual approximation)


From the Chicago Tribune report:

The lighted displays also include a fisherman, marching soldiers, a fire truck and lighted candles.

They neglected to mention that fishermen, soldiers, a functioning fire department, and candles are all more useful than the Jesus.

I must thank Howard County for singlehandedly making this the best War on Christmas EVAR.


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2 Responses to “War on Christmas XVIII, Loch Ness Monster vs. Three Wise Men”

  1. heavywall Says:

    i fucking love dino-riders.

    yo get this if you don’t have it yet:

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