Religion news for January 1

There are a couple of updates in ongoing fits of religious craziness today.

Ireland’s anti-blasphemy law goes into effect today, and Atheist Ireland has responded by publishing 25 blasphemous quotes. There are a lot of quotes from people you might expect – Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, George Carlin, Mark Twain – and then a few surprises, like Jesus, Mohammed, Bjork, the current Pope, and Dermot Ahern, the Irish Minister for Justice who actually introduced the anti-blasphemy legislation.

It could be that it will actually take riots like the ones over the Jyllands-Posten comics in order for this law to be used. That way the extremists who freak out over being criticized take no responsibility for their actions, and the critics alone are responsible for how someone else reacts to their criticism. That would be a bit like charging a woman who left her husband for another man with murder if her husband were to kill her new lover.

On the other hand, it could simply be that Atheist Ireland and anyone else who blasphemes at all in Ireland will be charged a $25,000 fine. And remember, that’s $25,000 per offense. Maybe some rich guy in the area can bail out PZ when he gets there next month.

On a lighter note, Taner Edis at the Secular Outpost points out that the fanatical cartoonist Jack Chick (the subject of a recent documentary) has released two new and hilarious “Chick Tracts” today. I like this one best, it’s about how them thar Injuns use their devil-magic on good Christians:

You see, Crazy Wolf the Pagan uses witchcraft on Mary the Christian in an attempt to kill her for trying to spread Christianity because that totally still happens nowadays. And in retaliation, Mary the Christian uses witchcraft on Crazy Wolf the Pagan to convert him to Christianity. One kind of witchcraft just works better, apparently. It’s like the “Chick Tract” of laundry detergent commercials. In other words, Chick seems to really believe that magic actually works – it’s just that the pagan magic is really a deception by Satan or something.

Here is the other one, which is not quite as amusing:

This is just another one of those “OMG THE POEP IS TEH ANTIKRIST111” ones. It’s pretty funny because Chick’s brand of Christianity only goes back just over a century, while the Catholics can trace their history back to Peter. And yet it’s the Catholics who have ‘fallen away,’ as they say.


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  1. question_it Says:

    hey dawg, can you explain to me why i’m getting bot-voicemails from this dude?

    this is the inpho i’ve been able to decipher from the voicemails i keep getting:

    voicemail recieved on thursday 12/31/09

    e. jordan ?
    888-831-0434 to unsubscribe or press #
    (right number…dead-end…no way am i pressing #)

    matt the prophet jordan ?
    310 riverside drive
    NYE party
    manhatten, NY

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