AM Architect

AM Architect is a guitar/beats duo. The guitarist is in a terrible band called The Panic Division which sounds nothing at all like what he does here.

OK, maybe that’s not quite fair. I’m sure The Panic Division is talented in some objective sense, and they try very hard. It’s just that listening to a few seconds of the songs that come up from a quick google search make me feel like I’m going to projectile vomit all over the place.

But that doesn’t matter because, like I said, whatever their guitarist does in that band is very different from what he does here, which is some kind of weird, tripped-out improv over these programmed beats. I am liking this album a lot right now because it fits well with the time of year – but only when it’s calm and there isn’t crazy wind in your face all the time.

There’s really nothing to watch in this video except for the album artwork to gradually change color for no reason. I’m just putting it here for the music.




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