Science teacher gets slap on the wrist for teaching students about Satan

That was something close to the headline that led me to this story, and at first it seemed like this would be a pro-Satan book being distributed by a mentally-unfit teacher. It turns out that this is an evangelical Christian book telling “the truth” about Satan in the way that Reefer Madness told us the truth about “Marihuana” – the difference being that marijuana has the benefit of actually existing. But either way there’s a pretty clear Establishment Clause issue with a public school teacher using their position of authority in a classroom to proselytize their religion.

And you can tell this is a riveting read and well worth the five dollars Steven Arizmendi was charging to sell this book from his sixth grade students. According to Amazon, it’s the fifth best selling book on the very serious subject of “Angelology.” And just try to read this gripping, descriptive opening sentence without immediately going out and buying a copy RIGHT NOW:

“From the first moment she crossed through the doorway into that building, she sensed that there was something different about the place.”

I feel like a third grade teacher here, but how exactly did she sense it? Did she see something? Hear something? What did she see or hear? Seriously, what horrible writing.

I also like that while this teacher reportedly sold the book to some students, he also loaned it out to others. That’s gotta sting for the kids who shelled out the five bucks for this thing, now knowing that they could’ve read that tripe for free.


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