Sherlock Holmes

This was a good movie and you should go watch it. I wasn’t able to find any good torrents (hint for commenters), so I think you’d really need to actually go to the theater and pay money, unfortunately.

That’s the short version. The longer one has spoilers. So here goes.

Guy Ritchie uses a lot of the his trademark directorial tricks here, which fit well since this is still basically a crime story even though it’s set in the late 19th century instead of the present. So that kind of stuff translates well here.

Overall the movie’s plot does a good job at popularizing a critical approach to claims of the supernatural, but there are still a few problematic areas. While watching the movie, I was pretty sure that Ritchie wasn’t going to invoke actual magic in order to create a mystery, but it still bothered me that Watson had somehow missed something by declaring the antagonist dead early in the film. There had to be some way around that, maybe something similar to what happened with the Carlos hoax.

But instead, it turns out that Holmes figured out that it was done with some kind of herb or something from Asia. That’s fine and all, except that there’s no reason why Holmes should know about this and Watson would not. Watson’s a doctor, and supposedly his powers of deduction are second only to Holmes’; plus he was in the military and had traveled extensively. He should know about this kind of stuff and have some kind of test to see if it’s being used. It doesn’t quite fit, and that particular loose end was tied up in a sloppy way, in my opinion.

Really though, the fact that that’s my biggest complaint is more a testament to how well it was done. So go see it.


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