Michael Steele, representin’

Michael Steele is the gift that unfortunately might stop giving in the near future. Earlier in the week he told everyone he doesn’t plan on his party taking over Congress in the November midterm elections, which is just one more of those comments he makes without thinking about the implications which then enrages his fellow Republicans. Hilarity ensued.

Now it turns out that his new joint which hit the streets this week includes unapproved talking points regarding the party platform, which is of course unacceptable. It’s not like he’s the party Chairman or something like that.

So with all this fussin’ and a-feudin’ Steele struck back by daring his overlords to fire him or stop being such poopy-headed jerkfaces. Homey don’t play that! That is just how he rolls because he is from the streets, dawg.

Now today it seems that Steele has been summoned to an “emergency meeting.” Maybe he’s getting bitched out. Maybe he’s getting fired. That would be a tragedy, but I have high hopes that whatever happens, Michael Steele will continue to be awesome.


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