Shermer v. Chopra, part ii

Professional jackass Deepak Chopra announced recently that his debate with Michael Shermer will be on the topic “Does the Mind Exist Apart from the Brain?” I haven’t found anything by Shermer confirming this, so we’ll have to wait and see if Chopra can even tell the truth about this.

It’s supposed to take place at Caltech on March 14, but it’s kind of already begun by proxies. Chopra’s going to wave around this article from New Scientist, and Shermer will probably criticize said article on the same grounds Yale neurologist Steven Novella already has on his blog. That’s really all I got for this for now.


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One Response to “Shermer v. Chopra, part ii”

  1. TheSkepticalAtheist Says:

    I think any debate with Chopra is useless. I had an opportunity to see the “Does God Have A Future” debate and, as usual, Chopra argues by using words which have absolutely no meaning… “consciousness,” “the unknown,” “the infinite…”

    I did a post/video about it here.

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