The Macy business is hopefully over now

I think I’ve put the nail in the coffin on the back-and-forth with this spammer. She seemed very distressed that I had asked for her address in Senegal, evoking the loss of her parents. So I responded coldly and claimed that God told me to send her my info by postal service to the refugee camp.

If I do hear back, I’m going to have to play my trump card and explain to her that I’ve been working for the Senegalese secret police all along, and that she will be in BIG TROUBLE if she doesn’t fess up and tell me where I can find her – in Senegal, of course. Because that’s where she is, right? In Senegal, and not in Canada as the email address seemed to imply.

In conclusion, this was all a huge waste of time for all concerned. The only conciliation I can draw out of it is that some scammer spent time reading and responding to my asinine bullshit – time which otherwise might have been spent actually scamming some gullible moron with an email address. So you’re welcome, hypothetical anonymous suckers of the world. You owe me one.

If you feel like taking up Macy’s cause, you can email “her” at


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