Homeopathy overdose scheduled for January 30

In 10 days, participants in the 10:23 Project will simultaneously overdose on homeopathic “medicine.” This is something James Randi used to do all the time. At the beginning of a lecture, he would take a huge amount of what is marketed as homeopathic sleeping pills and then go on with his talk. If they really were sleeping pills, he wouldn’t be able to finish his talk without falling asleep at least, or even needing medical attention. Needless to say, he never had any problem finishing his talks when this was done.

Homeopathy advocates can always respond to this by claiming that a true overdose of homeopathic “medicine” would mean either drowning or death by sugar high since such “medicine” necessarily needs to be diluted with either sugar or water until there’s probably nothing left. But the main point here is that if it worked as something other than what it clearly is (water), then there should be dramatic results from this mass overdose.




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