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There have been a couple of interesting stories dealing with Islam and its impact on the law, and there’s really not much to say about either so I decided to cover them both in one post.

Muslim Clerics Seek Ban On ‘Funky Hairstyles’ in Indonesia


Dreadlocks and mohawks are all the rage in religious boarding schools throughout Indonesia these days, and so it must therefore be sinful and therefore needs to be banned according to some unnamed clerics in East Java.

Not all Muslim clerics are so enthused about this, though. There’s something called the Fatwa Commission, and its deputy secretary Aminudin Yakub had this to say:

“So far, we have not seen strong evidence to ban it… It could be discussed in future but right now it is not a priority.”

What’s funny is that this same institution found such immoral practices as yoga and failing to vote to be a priority, since they’ve already banned those, too. At least that’s what’s implied by the Telegraph article cited above. The wording in it is a little funny so it’s not clear if that’s the same Fatwa Commission or some other separate fatwa commission. Don’t you hate it when you confuse one fatwa commission for another?

Moaz Ashhabi sentenced to 1 year for falsification of the Koran

So Moaz Ashhabi is this Yemeni journalist who decided to take part in a discussion on the claims of divine nature of the Koran, which somehow has something to do with how it’s chanted. Anywho, Ashhabi wrote an article called “They Corrected The Koran,” which then translates to a year inside a Yemeni prison. And even that seems to be a bit of a plea deal since he’s apologized to pretty much everyone since he was under investigation.


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One Response to “Islam news”

  1. alia khan Says:

    do we make fun of ur religion…. no so y on earth would disrespect our most sacred place…..

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