Get a telephone AND a fax machine!

Hey everyone, remember how IDN became one of the most successful businesses in the world? If not, you’re calling the star of this awesome commercial a LIAR. And you know he’s not one because he sometimes wears a cowboy hat and hangs out in national parks with a film crew.

So it looks like this company, like most MLM scammers and bank robbers, went through a few different pseudonyms. They were Nu Skin, Pharmanex, Big Planet, and PhotoMax. That none of those names seem to have anything to do with the rest is a pretty big red flag. According to a doctor of some type named Jon Taylor, they meet the criterion for a MLM enterprise (aka pyramid scheme) where 99.9% of people who buy in end up losing money.

But look at that cowboy! Would he lie to you? Of course he wouldn’t. You too can make it to your child’s ball game and dance performance with IDN. Or you can live in the wilderness awaiting the coming apocalypse if you like. Either way you will earn nine American dollars immediately and the Big Big Brother (which is bigger than Big Brother) comes shortly thereafter.


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