Nepalese communist worships Buffalo (the animal)

They kind of buried the lede in this one, I think. It starts off with some standard back-and-forth about rivaling political factions’ leaders deciding to maybe put their differences behind them – but then, it’s Oh yeah… by the way:

“[Astrologer] Madhu Sudan Rijal told [Nepalese Unified Maoists’ Party Chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal] Prachanda- ferocious leader of the past, that his Rashi (Zodiac) is being heavily influenced by negative effects of the Shani-the Saturn planet.
He thus suggested the atheist communist leader to perform Griha Shanti Puja of Shani planet (worship of Saturn)…
To appease the Saturn Planet, Prachanda also performed Puja to the water buffalos.
It is also believed that donating or worshipping a buffalo and donating black oil (sesame oil) would make Saturn happy which would in turn do away with the negative effects of Sani.”

Communist writing is so funny – “ferocious leader of the past” sounds like it’s straight out of Pygmy. And it just goes to show you (again) that just because someone doesn’t accept one particular kind of superstition, like religion, that it doesn’t mean that they won’t fall for other, even sillier ones.


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