Bob Barr and the military pagans

What’s up with Atlanta today?

Former Libertarian Presidential loser Bob Barr wrote in the Atlanta Journal Constitution a hilarious piece of commentary about how he is shocked SHOCKED I TELL YOU that the military still allows pagans to serve openly in the military. He actually prephaces his problem with this, to the extent that he explains it, by saying that he finally realized that pagans can be moral even though they don’t believe Jesus Died For Their Sins. He discovered this amazing truth by being educated by pagan members of the military as a response to when he “took the Army to task for permitting the practice of Wicca on its bases, including at Ft. Hood in Texas.”

But then he explains that if he were in the military, he would have a problem following a commanding officer into battle if they were pagan.

I guess he’s worried about this because the military recruiter at his high school is pressuring him to sign up:

Or maybe not.


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4 Responses to “Bob Barr and the military pagans”

  1. Brandon Longcrier Says:

    I just wanted to thank all the Pagans and non-Pagans who support us here at the USAF Academy. Freedom of Religion is a great thing to have here in the United States of America…even if former Congressmen don’t believe in it.

    Obtaining the Stone Circle was a great victory and we can’t wait to dance around our circle of stones in the woods carrying lighted candles.

    Many Blessings to you All,
    Brandon Longcrier –

  2. Stephy Says:

    He’d have a problem following anyone into battle, considering his useless butt dodged the draft. Someone used the term “chickenhawk” to describe him on his blog, and it fits.

    The Jimmy Buffett song “The Christian” comes to mind:
    “It’s a hell of a time to be thinking about heaven
    Didn’t you forget the golden rule
    You’ve been acting like Jesus owes you a favor
    But he’s a little smart for you to fool
    Yes, my friend, I think you’ve blown your cool”

    This degree of bigotry makes me glad I’m a witch. Unfortunately, with my interpretation of the Rede, I can’t interfere with his free will, so a “Shut your ignorant mouth” binding spell is completely out of the question. Stupid ethics! :p

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