“Do you need any salt, pepper, or ketchup?” “You’re ungodly!”

Keshia Canter is a 19 year old who was just working at a fast food place in Virginia when she had a customer who gave her a pamphlet which basically told her that if she were to be raped, it would be her own fault for dressing provocatively… even though she wasn’t dressed provocatively. From the report:

“Even though nothing is showing, you’re being ungodly,” Canter recalled the woman telling her. “You make men want to be sinful.”
Canter was wearing boots pulled up over jeans, a pink zebra-print shirt with a black jacket zipped up over it. She has blond hair, dark eye make-up and a little red lip ring. “I just asked if she needed any salt, pepper or ketchup,” Canter said. “I mean, how do I respond to that?”

It’s kind of a long report, and they only summarize the leaflet by interviewees’ reactions, instead of just posting it in its entirety. It’s basically the same argument fundamentalist Muslims give for making women wear a hijab or burqa – that men can’t control themselves and so therefore women need to cover up if they don’t want everyone around them to get all rapey.

One possibility the reporter overlooked is that this is all just a viral marketing scheme for some Christian sect’s upcoming line of Rape-Proof Spring Fashion. Ted Haggard will model it, but nobody will be able to tell. Who’s going to want to rape an amorphous blob, maybe covered in anti-sexual bible verses? Nobody, that’s who.


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