Easter in a post-racist America

Since the 2008 election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama as Czar For Life of America, various intellectual weenies have been wondering if America has mostly gotten over the whole “hating people because of the amount of melanin their DNA encodes for” thing. Now we can finally put this question behind us because the answer is clearly “No.”

As it turns out, racists can’t even resist incorporating their weird beliefs into something as silly as Easter. In Auburn Hills, MI, black families found Easter eggs tossed onto their lawn with racist messages inside, some of them referring to the white nationalist neo-Nazi group called the Aryan Nations.

And it turns out that some kid had his fantasies about supernatural rabbits dispelled in the process:

Shamir Lyles said she watched a girlfriend’s son open one of the eggs.

“He was shocked. He didn’t know what it was, he thought it was the Easter bunny,” she said.

So do you tell the kid the truth? Or do you tell him that maybe the Easter bunny’s a racist?


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