Scientology vs. German made for TV movie

Germany and Scientology haven’t been getting along very well lately. A couple years ago they tried to ban it, and they also wouldn’t allow United Artists to shoot Valkyrie there as long as Tom Cruise was starring in it because of his status as an outspoken Scientologist.

And they have problems with the media in general too, which I’ve written about before. To them, criticism is intolerance and a fascist attack on freedom of religion. Even just asking a simple question about what they believe is “intolerance.” Freedom of religion to them means that journalists have to pre-screen all their questions with them before the interview.

Now they’re sinking even lower into bottomless pit of uptight, thin-skinned whininess by trying to block a German made for TV movie which profiles an ex-Scientologist. More details about the movie, which is based on a true story are available here.

Apparently the Scientologists who are so upset about this movie haven’t even seen it yet, which makes you wonder how they could possibly be able to tell that it was “false and intolerant” in the first place. From the Guardian:

Scientology leaders have accused Germany’s primary public TV network, ARD, of creating in top secret a piece of propaganda that sets out to undermine the group, and have demanded to see it before it is broadcast…

Scientology officials have said the film is false and intolerant. At a preview screening in Hamburg members distributed flyers in which the filmmakers were accused of seeking to “create a mood of intolerance and discrimination against a religious community”.

So they would have had to have made these fliers before the movie was ever screened, since they were distributing them at the screening itself. And if they had already seen the movie they wouldn’t be demanding to see it. The obvious solution to this dilemma is that they know what the movie portrays exactly because it is accurate and they know it.

Someone will probably post a link to a torrent of a subtitled version of this movie here when it becomes available.


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