An even more Earth-like exoplanet

Corot-9b (artist's impression)

This is a follow-up on an earlier story about Corot-7b. This more recently discovered exoplanet is more temperate than the one I wrote about last January because it has a much larger orbit. It’s also a gas giant, unlike the rockier 7b. So we can rule this one out for possible places to send humans after the nanobots take over and then destroy the Earth because we need a rocky surface to avoid being sucked down by gravity into the core and then crushed by the planet’s own mass.

Astronomers are only able to observe this exoplanet for 8 hours at a time every 95 days because they are using the transit method of observation. So some other details they’ve found so far are that its orbit is about the same as Mercury, the star it orbits is slightly cooler than our’s, and estimates of its average temperature range between -23°C and 157°C (That’s between -9.4°F and 314.6°F in American).

It’s located about 1500 light years away in the constellation of Serpens, which is also known as the snake. You know how that one constellation looks a lot like a snake in that it’s kind of like a line but with it curves around randomly? Yeah, it’s that one.

It's around here somewhere.


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